Welcome to GVM Financial Abundance Academy

Aren’t you ridiculously tired of bouncing around random web classes and internet searches to get your entire life together? The GVM Financial Abundance Academy™ is your one-stop shop...a customized pathway to financial freedom! 

Sign up for GVM Financial Abundance Academy  today and reserve your spot during our Pre-Launch. I will give you My "Money Planner Sheet" Free to help you get your finances under control.

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Access to financial experts who take you through every stage of your financial journey!

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Access to private FB community and new friends to cheer you along your journey!

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Access to tools and resources you need to achieve financial freedom!

Your GVM Financial Abundance Academy Membership

  • You’ll receive access to financial experts who will walking you through every stage of your journey to live richer: from mindset, to financial fundamentals, to major life events, to business, to investing, to estate planning and protections, to a fulfilling life post-retirement and more! We always welcome your suggestions!
  • Gain clarity and transform your life with a financial freedom plan, designed to take you from where you are, to where you want to be!
  • Help for every type of student learner: live sessions, pre-recorded classes, easy tasks, worksheets and more!
  • Access to a private FB community and new friends to cheer you along your journey!
  • Exclusive offers and discounts found only inside the Academy!

Courses Include ..

  • Learn Financial Peace with 4 Rules of Budgeting

  • Setting Up Your Budget

  • Managing Your Overspending

  • Creating Your Budget Routine

  • Creating a Debt Paydown Plan

  • Reaching Your Savings Goal

  • Breaking the Paycheque to Paycheque Cycle

  • Cutting Spending

  • Budgeting with A Partner

  • How to Get Out of Debt (and stay Out!)

  • Meals Prepare On a Budget

  • How to start a Home Based Online Business

  • 50 Side Hustles for Home Base Business

  • How to get Funding and Grants for your Non-profit

  • Estate Planning how to keep your money in the family (RSP/Insurance)

**Please Note: The Financial Abundance Academy coursework can be worked on at your own pace and we’ll always have something new to offer you no matter what financial stage you’re in right now. This isn’t a race...it’s a journey!

What people are saying ...

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“I am no longer dipping into my bank accounts.”

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“GVMFAA is soooo necessary, valuable and important for our community.”

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What Our Members Can Achieve...

By applying what you learn through this online community. You will be able to:

(1) purchase your first home,

(2) start  a side hustle to significantly increase your income,

(3) increase your savings,

(4) decrease the principal balance on your student loan/mortgage, 

(5) pay off your car,

(6) pay off all your credit card debt,

(7) Maintain an 800+ credit score,

(8) pay your child's private school tuition,

(9) budget and save for vacations without incurring any debt,

(10) purchase life and disability insurance, and soon...

(11) get your estate planning in order and much more..